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Like almost all aspects of our lives, Ki Aikido training has been greatly affected during the pandemic.

Whist indoor classes have been closed entirely during lockdowns, outdoor socially distanced weapons classes have been held when allowed under the lockdown rules. Indoor socially distanced Adults’ Classes have been held when permitted. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, it has not been possible to accept new adult students at the socially distanced indoor classes.

Tabata Sensei has run weekly Zoom classes for existing Ki Society students from his Dojo in Oregon throughout the pandemic and Sinden Sensei has also run regular Zoom classes for existing Southampton Ki Society students at times when no outdoor or indoor classes were allowed.

Despite the restrictions, we have throughout encouraged a positive attitude that although we have missed our normal Aikido training, we are helping in the fight against the disease and supporting all the brave NHS and social care workers who have done so much for all of us.

When social distancing comes to an end we will once again be able to accept beginners in our Adults’ Classes and look forward to new students being able to participate. Further information about that will be published on our Facebook page at the time.

Please note however for the protection of all students and instructors, a condition of attendance will be having received both COVID jabs and being willing to demonstrate that via the NHS app, or undertaking twice weekly Lateral Flow tests.

We are very sorry to have to impose this restriction, but we deem it necessary to do our best to keep everyone safe.

We are currently planning to resume Children’s Classes on Thursday 4th November. Once again the latest information about this will be on our Facebook page.