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About Us

Southampton Ki Society

Southampton Ki Society is an official branch of the Ki Society, Japan which was formed by Master Koichi Tohei to spread Ki principles and Ki Aikido around the world. We are also part of the UK Ki Federation, which is officially recognised by the Ki Society, Japan. We are one of only a handful of Dojos recognised by the Ki Society, Japan as teaching authentic Ki Aikido in the UK.

Calvin Tabata Sensei, Chief Instructor of the North West Ki Society, USA, oversees Ki and Ki Aikido training in the UK. Tabata Sensei has over 40 years of training with the Ki Society.

Southampton Dojo Instructors

Roger Packman, the Chief Instructor, began his study of Ki and Ki Aikido in 1980 and established Southampton Ki Society in 1984.

Amanda Sinden has studied Ki and Ki Aikido throughout her life, having trained since she was a young child. As well as teaching adults, Amanda Sinden heads Southampton Ki Society’s children’s programme.

Roger Packman and Amanda Sinden have both trained in classes taught by Ki Society Founder Master Koichi Tohei, and by his son Shinichi Tohei Sensei, who now leads the Ki Society following Master Tohei’s death in 2011 at the age of 91. They have also studied under many other of the Ki Society’s most senior instructors, and have trained at Ki Society H.Q. in Japan, as well as in the USA.

Jacek Brodzki, Micah Gates and Paul Wales are assistant instructors who have trained with Southampton Ki Society for many years.

We follow the Japanese tradition that instructors should always be addressed as Sensei, not by their first names, both on and off the mat.

Secretary Southampton Ki Society

Wendy Packman is Secretary of Southampton Ki Society and replies to email requests for further information.

Group photo at Ki Society H.Q. Japan featuring Southampton Ki Society Instructors with Shinichi Tohei Sensei and Instructors from around the world

The names “Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido” and Tohei Sensei’s calligraphy of Ki have been officially registered as names and trademarks of the Ki Society. All people and dojos that use these names and symbols are required to have written permission from Ki Society H.Q. Japan.

Roger Packman and Amanda Sinden pictured with Shinichi Tohei Sensei at HQ Dojo, Japan
Tabata Sensei teaching Instructors Class at Cantell Maths & Computing College during UK National Workshop
Roger Packman
Amanda Sinden