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Kids Ki Aikido


We train on Thursdays during Hampshire schools term time only – First night free!

Summer 2024 Second Half Term Dates:
June 6th, 13th 20th 27th
July 4th, 11th, 18th (7 weeks)
Half term fees:
1 child £28, 2 siblings £49

From 5 years old:
From 11 years old or by invitation:

Help putting out the mats at 5:15pm appreciated!

Autumn 2024 First Half Term Dates:
Sept 5th, 12th 19th 26th
Oct 3rd, 12th, 17th 24th
Half term fees:
1 child £32, 2 siblings £56

Kids Ki Aikido

By cultivating good habits at an early age, Ki Aikido and Ki Development give children a foundation they can rely on for a lifetime of positive growth. While childrens’ bodies are growing, so are their minds. It is natural to develop the two together. In a physically active and cooperative learning environment, children learn the martial art Ki Aikido. As they grow, they learn how to apply these lessons to all activities: school, play, sports, and relationships.

Children are taught how to concentrate, how to relax without losing power, maintain good posture and to approach challenges with a positive outlook. During playful physical activity, they learn strength in Ki Aikido is a matter of strength of mind, and application of Ki principles. Relative size and muscular strength become less important. The Instructor demonstrates this, give children time to try themselves, and provide helpful correction.

What is a Class Like?

Courtesy, respect and cooperation are fundamental lessons, and built into the formal beginning of each class. Children learn a variety of activities and skills, including stretching and playful warm-ups. In addition to the instructor, adult assistants ensure that each child gets the attention he or she needs to learn the lesson and to train safely.

In each class, time is devoted to learning Ki Aikido arts. A Ki Aikido art consists of one person attacking and another person performing the Ki Aikido technique. Since the result of every Ki Aikido art is for the attacker to fall to the ground, it is necessary to learn how to fall safely where led. These skills are taught at the pace children are able to learn them. Other students in the class train with respect of each other’s abilities in this area.

Lessons are often summarized at the end of class, showing students how the day’s learning can be applied to their life outside the dojo.

Getting Started

Your child may begin any time, please e-mail the Instructor, Sinden Sensei, to let her know you wish to try Kids Aikido. Your first class is a free trial. You can wear any loose clothing such as a t-shirt and long tracksuit bottoms.

Class fees are £4.00 per class for one child or £3.50 each sibling paid half termly. Siblings do not need to attend the same session for the discount. Free trial first night then pay as you go for the first half term before committing to a full half term. Missed classes cannot be refunded but if your child gives up or will not be able to attend for an extended period a refund of the remaining portion of the term may be made.

Our Motto

Let us have a Universal Mind
that loves and protects all creation
and helps all things grow and develop.

To unify mind and body
and become one with the Universe
is the ultimate purpose of our study.

1. Keep one-point
2. Relax completely
3. Keep weight underside
4. Extend Ki

Koichi Tohei, Founder Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido